Hude Lo
Russian Language Department, Xi’an University of Petroleum, 1523637388@qq.com, Xi’an, China
Ruliene Lyubov N
Доктор педагогических наук, Professor, Professor of the Department of General Pedagogy, Buryat State University named after Dorji Banzarov, ruliene@bsu.ru, Ulan-Ude

Digital Platform as an Object Modern Educational Space

The article discusses the scientific and practical problem of improving the practice of online learning using digital educational platforms – objects of educational space that fully provide educational and administrative processes. At the same time, commercial activities for the development of digital platforms require a scientific and pedagogical analysis of innovations in this area. The purpose of the article is to consider the potential of digital educational platforms to improve the quality of teachers’ educational activities, not only for the efficiency and automation of the educational process, but also to increase the productivity of students’ educational activities, for the implementation of deep learning. Methodology and research methods: the research was carried out in the context of a cognitive approach that considers global digitalization not only as a means of solving a variety of practical problems, but also a threat to human existence, focusing on the humanization of digital/information technologies; taking into account the concept of educational space, representing educational space as an object world and the subject of subjective activity. To prepare this article, we used methods of establishing causal relationships, which allowed us to identify an objective relationship between the key concepts of the problem under consideration; a web analytics tool (Google Trends); methods of analyzing and processing bibliographic sources. In conclusion, the directions of effective use of the digital platform in the educational space are proposed: the creation of a special management system, the organization of scientific and pedagogical support for the development and implementation of digital platforms, advanced training of teachers and students in the field of digital technologies and digital hygiene. The prospects of using digital educational platforms in higher education are outlined: educational analytics and forecasting of educational programs, the functioning of a flexible educational and administrative infrastructure in online offices, the integration of information, informal and formal strategies for self-education of students, teachers and staff.
educational space, educational process, teachers and students, digitalization, digital educational platform, deep learning, online learning

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