About the Journal

"Siberian Pedagogical Journal" was established in 2003 as a scientific periodical. The journal acts as an open and independent platform to determine the strategy for the development of pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical education in modern conditions; to develop methodology, content, innovative conceptual models and technologies of pedagogical education; to present  scientific achievements from various scientific fields; to analyze recent pedagogical experience, presented by the researchers of the Siberian Federal district, as well as representatives of other regions of Russia and the international community.

"Siberian Pedagogical Journal" has intellectual and media partners among  authoritative pedagogical journals of  Russia. This fact contributes to  active exchange of achievements in the field of pedagogical and psychological sciences, and the maintenance and development of common educational and scientific space of  Russia and the Union of Independent States (UIS), consolidation of efforts of scientists and experts in finding  solutions of urgent scientific and educational problems.

The journal is targeted on  researchers, academics, graduate students, experts in education who are interested in the latest results of fundamental and applied researches on the issues of pedagogical and psychological sciences. Editorial Board invites researches for cooperation, wishing that authors of the articles of "Siberian Pedagogical Journal" will study modern and contradictory issues of the processes of  development, upbringing, socialization and education of a person,  and analyze the leading trends in the training of highly qualified specialists.

We accept  articles that describe and summarize  the results of studies on various psychological and pedagogical issues, as well as original articles on psychological, pedagogical, social and philosophical problems of modern education.
     Editorial policy is based on the traditional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals, supports the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications which was formulated by the Committee on  Ethics in Publications (Moscow, Russia).
We invite you to participate in the work of our Journal.
Conditions for publication of articles presented on the website of the journal (http://sp-journal.ru), and also in the printed edition.