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  1. 1.       GENERAL TERMS


1.1. Scientific periodical "Siberian Pedagogical Journal" is included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation to publish the main results of the dissertation research on competition of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of Sciences.

1.2. The journal publishes materials on a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in education: scientific articles, scientific reviews.

1.3. The Editorial Board does not accept for publication materials that had been previously published in scientific articles as well as materials that do not meet the stated requirements and promotional materials.

1.4. Editorial Board and Editorial Committee make the selection of received materials and distribute them on a regular headings. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles preserving the scientific content of the article. If necessary, the Editorial Board can connect the author by e-mail and may request revision and editing of the materials. Articles that do not meet these requirements will not be published and will not be returned by e-mail.

1.5. Remuneration (honorarium) for publication of scientific articles is not paid to authors by the journal.

1.6. The author (co-authors) in accordance with the following requirements and conditions should prepare all necessary materials: supporting documents and the manuscript of the article in electronic form. Electronic materials are sent by e-mail and hosted on the journal’s website.

1.7. Additional conditions for the publication will be sent on request by e-mail.

1.8. The Editorial Board has the right to provide materials of scientific articles in Russian and foreign organizations that provide science citation index, and to place these materials on the web site of the journal.

1.9. The reprinting of materials of The Siberian Pedagogical Journal without the permission of the publisher is prohibited, the references to the quotes from previously published journal’s articles are mandatory.

1.10. Publication of articles in the journal and delivery to authors is carried out on the basis of the contract on rendering services of editorial preparation and publication of copyright material in periodical scientific journal "Siberian Pedagogical Journal". Notification of donation will be sent to the author only after the results of the review and a positive decision to publish submitted articles.

1.11. The articles of postgraduate students are published free from charge in case of the provision of certificate of full time training in graduate school.


2.1. The author provides to the editor the text of the article, application (Example 4) and expert opinion on the possibility of publication (Example 5), each document should be done in a separate Microsoft Word file.

2.2. The manuscript should include the text of the article, an abstract and the author’s reference materials in the Russian and English languages

a) UDC;

b) information about the author;

c) the title of the article;

d) annotation;

e) key words;

f) bibliography

(Example 1).

2.3. The length of the article can be up to 22 thousand printed signs. Manuscripts exceeding the specified amount, shall be admitted to examination in consultation with the Editorial Board. The content and structure of the text should include the following mandatory elements:

• statement of the problem (the question to which an answer is given in the article);
• scientific exposition, the purpose of which is the introduction to the problem;
• analysis of existing methodological approaches to solving this problem;
• description of the research;
• the system of evidence and scientific reasoning;
• the results of the study;
• scientific apparatus and bibliography

The article should be written in the language understandable not only to specialists in this field, but also to a wide circle of readers interested in the discussed topic. This may require additional explanation of specific scientific  terminology.

The text is printed in Word format, font - Times New Roman, size 14, line spacing - 1.5. Page margins - 2 cm from each edge. Pages should be automatically numbered. The names of foreign authors in the text are given in the original language.

2.4. The abstract should reflect the content of the article. The abstract consists of the explanation of the purpose of the work, methodology of the scientific research, main achievements and conclusions of the author. The text should be informative, compact and without unnecessary information for readers . It is advisable to follow the  certain structure of the article. The length of annotation - 1 500 printed signs (Times New Roman font, size 12, single line spacing, justified alignment,  no first line indent.

Abstracts in English should be written according to the General requirements of GOST 7.9-95, regulatory standards for the preparation of the abstract and annotation. The abstract should consist of not less than 100-250 words and no more than 300 words.

2.5. Keywords should be arranged according to the following rules: 5-10 main words that reflect the main ideas of the article, these keywords can help to find the article in the electronic search engines. Font Times New Roman, size 11, single line spacing.

2.6. Bibliographic list. It should be placed at the end of the article after the subtitle. The list should include scientific literature that reflects the current status of the scientific problem that the author deals with. The list is arranged in alphabetical order according to GOST R 7.05-2008. References are made in square brackets and are placed after the quotes in the text  and references should contain a number of the work in the list, when citing, the author should indicate page of  the quotes.

 (Example 2).


2.7. The list of literature in the Latin alphabet (References). Reference list of literature in the Latin alphabet (References) must be designed in accordance with accepted international bibliographic standards (for example, the Harvard reference system, APA-the American Psychological Association, Chicago author-date system, and others). Descriptions can be created automatically on the proposed standards for different types of publications (article, book, and so on). The reference for such links:;

 (Illustrative example 3).

2.8. The figures and tables. The text of the article can include tables, and graphic materials (pictures, graphs, pictures and other). These materials must be numbered. There should be references on all tables and graphics in the text of the article. All graphic materials should be arrangement under the references to these materials. The font of the text inside images, graphics, photographs and other graphic materials Times New Roman Cyr, size 12, line spacing-1,0 (single). The drawings are placed in the text with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, schemes are in Corel Draw.



The editorial policy of the journal is based on the traditional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals, supports the Code of ethics of scientific publications, formulated by the Committee on the ethics of scientific publications (Russia, Moscow)

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