Nikitskaya Ekaterina A.
Кандидат педагогических наук, Cand. Sci. (Pedag.), Assoc. Prof. of Department of Pedagogy, Training and Research Complex of Psychology of Service Activities, V. Y. Kikotya Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, katamax@yandex.ru, Moscow

Interuniversity practice-oriented games as a means of professional socialization of social workers at the stage of training in higher school

The aim of the article is to identify and analyze the positive experience of using practice-oriented interuniversity games used in the educational process of a number of universities as a means of professional socialization of future specialists in the social sphere. The dynamics of socio-economic and political processes determine the relevance and necessity of intensifying research in the theory and practice of professional socialization, which, on the one hand, largely reflects the essence and regularities of the overall process of human socialization and, on the other hand, is a condition for the development and formation of a particular specialist. The application of theoretical and empirical research methods allowed us to state that the use of practice-oriented game forms in the educational process of a number of universities not only expands the range of modern psychological and pedagogical technologies applied in the course of students’ learning of academic disciplines but is also an effective tool for solving problems of professional socialization of future social sphere specialists already at the stage of training. The results of the study allow us to conclude that game-based practice-oriented technology as a means of professional socialization opens up additional opportunities for a more comprehensive understanding of the specificity of professional activity, its key aspects, comprehension and ways of solving professional problems. Conclusion. The presented article analyzes the experience of development and implementation of inter-university practice-oriented games on the basis of Moscow University of the Russian MIA named after V. Y. Kikotya which gives reason to consider the latter as an effective tool for professional socialization of social workers at the stage of training in higher education.
professional socialization, professional activity, social sphere, social sphere specialist, interuniversity game, interdepartmental professional interaction

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