Приставко Ксения Владимировна
преподаватель кафедры гуманитарного факультета, Новосибирский государственный технический университет, pristavko-ksuna.15@yandex.ru, Новосибирск

Goals of Modern Higher Education in the Context of Federal State Educational Standard 3++

The article is an analytical review of the key goals of modern higher education in Russia and abroad. It also contains an analysis of their influence on the competencies presented in the federal state educational standards (FGOS) on the example of FGOS3 + and 3 ++ for the majour in Linguistics 45.03.02. Article purpose – to describe the key purposes of modern higher education on the basis of the review of scientific resources and trace through the ways these trends influence the competences of federal state educational standards of the higher education (on the example of standard 45.03.02. “Linguistics”). Methods of a research include the analysis of relevant scientific resources and also content the analysis of federal state educational standard of specialty 45.03.02. “Linguistics” of two generations. Results of the research. The main result of the study is the detailed analysis of the leading trends in modern education, which made it possible to highlight the main requirements for the competencies of a modern specialist, based on data from current scientific resources containing information on key trends in higher education, the role of a competenсy-based approach in the goal-setting of modern higher education. The analysis of these requirements was applied during the subsequent content analysis of the competencies of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Linguistics 45.03.02 of the last two generations (2014 and 2020), implemented at the Novosibirsk State Technical University.
educational goals; higher education; goal setting; competency-based approach; learning autonomy; federal state educational standard; universal competencies

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