Zinovieva Maria P
Кандидат педагогических наук, Cand. Sci. (Pedag.), Assoc. Prof., Department of Childhood Pedagogy based at Gymnasium No. 7, Faculty of Pedagogical and Special Needs Education, Saratov State University, mpzinovieva@mail.ru, Saratov

Interaction Between School and University: Experience of the Department of Childhood Pedagogy based at Gymnasium no. 7

The article identifies the main trends of pedagogical education, including the relevance of school-based university departments. The study underlines the significant role of school-based university department in providing interaction between schools and universities, primarily in organizing lifelong learning in the field of pedagogy, and enhancing practice-oriented pedagogical education. The purpose of the study is to analyze and justify the activity content of the school-based Department of Childhood Pedagogy in the areas of university-and-school interaction. Methodology and methods of the study. Based on the research of V. M. Anikina, O. V. Volokh, I. P. Gerashchenko, A. G. Zhukova, A. A. Radionova, A. D. Rulevsky, T. O. Solovyova, the conditions for the functioning of basic departments were determined, specific types of departments based on educational organizations were identified: with unilateral and bilateral cooperation; subject and interdisciplinary. The study is based on theoretical and empirical methods: review of scientific literature in the fields of psychology and pedagogy, analysis of the experience of the Department of Childhood Pedagogy based at the Municipal Educational Institution “Gymnasium No. 7”, which determines the importance of interaction between school and university in teacher training. The results of the study. The article presents the experience of Saratov State University in organizing industry-based departments. The main areas of activity of university departments based on educational organizations are identified. Particular attention is paid to the work of the Department of Childhood Pedagogy basedat Gymnasium No. 7. The text of the article lists the purpose and the main tasks and functions of the school-based department. It also presents the forms and methods of interaction between the school and the university. The work of the school-based Department of Childhood Pedagogy, its content and results are given in accordance with the following areas: educational and methodological, scientific and methodological, career guidance, etc. In the conclusion the paper states that the work of the school-based Department of Childhood Pedagogy contributes to the development of practice-oriented teacher training.
interaction between the university and the school; school-based university department; institution of general education; practice-oriented education

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