Krivolapchuk Igor Allerovich
Доктор биологических наук, Dr. Sci. (Biolog.), Head of Laboratory of Physiology of Muscular Activity and Physical Training, Institute of the Russian Academy of Education Institute for Developmental Physiology, i.krivolapchuk@mail.ru, Moscow

PEDAGOGICAL GROWTH ACCOMPANYING AND CHILDERN DEVELOPMENT DURING PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROCESS: Statement I. Adaptivity and nonlinear development, its dependence of inheritable and environmental factors

The problem of pedagogical accompanying of biological determined growth processes at the physical education lessons is being studied in the article. In the course of analysis and generalization of the given data it is shown that to realize the effective pedagogical accompanying it is necessary to have the particular teachers’ understanding of the basic growth regularities and a child’s development specifying his/her peculiarities and adaptive capabilities at different aged periods. In the statement such regularities as adaptiveness, nonlinearity, as well as its dependence with inheritable and environmental factors are examined in the context of the most important problems of children’s physical education.
pedagogical accompanying, growth and development regularities, physical education, motto capabilities, health