Aldoshina Marina Ivanovna
Доктор педагогических наук, Doc. Sci. (Pedagog.), Prof., Director of the Center for Interaction with the Russian Academy of Education, Orеl State University named after I.S. Turgenev, maraldo57@mail.ru, Orеl

Professional Education of Teachers in Postgraduate Studies Based on Research Training

Introduction. The modern sociocultural situation requires the preparation of a teacher capable of developing a seeking, original, creative personality. Research activities become the means and background of the educational process at the university. The purpose of the article is to consider the theoretical and technological foundations of training in the research activities of graduate students. The subject of the article is the educational process of the university in the field of training 44.06.01 Pedagogical Sciences and Education. Object – the essence, functions and methodology of the mechanisms of evidence of a candidate’s thesis by means of research training. The methodological basis of the article is competence-based (to determine the educational results of a graduate student) and personal (to describe the personal results of research training for graduate students in the process of preparing a candidate’s dissertation) approaches. Research results. The author examines aspects of the research function of the university, its features in modern professional pedagogical education, mechanisms for the formation of research competencies in various ways and forms of the educational process of the level of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school. Training, as a means of their formation, its essence, functions, educational and research goals, as well as the stages of organization and implementation (preparatory, presentation, analytical and generalizing) are updated for the graduate student to solve methodological problems and form the internal content, structural and formalized unity of the dissertation. In conclusion, a conclusion is made about the effectiveness of research training for solving methodological problems by a young applicant and forming the internal unity of his dissertation based on a theoretical review and SWOT analysis data with the strength of immersion in a professional research environment and the absence of barriers to productive research interaction identified by graduate students.
training; research training; vocational education; university; postgraduate studies

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