Lopsan Aldini Danzyn-oolovna
Postgraduate student of the Department of anatomy, physiology, life safety, Tyva state University, aldynaild@mail.ru, Kyzyl
Dada Dolana Chyhir-oolovna
Postgraduate student of the Department of anatomy, physiology, life safety, Tuva State University, dadadolana@mail.ru, Kyzyl
Buduk-ool Larisa Kara-Salovna
Доктор биологических наук, Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of Department of anatomy, physiology, life safety, Tuva State University, buduk-ool@mail.ru, Kyzyl


The article presents psychophysiological and personal characteristics Tuvinian boys with various physical activity. It is shown that the wrestlers higher speed sensory reactions, the unbalance of nervous processes with predominance of excitation process, higher rates of internality and aggression. Volleyball players are characterized by higher rates of adaptation of self-acceptance, emotional comfort, the desire to dominate, but the tendency towards physical aggression at low rate of indirect aggression, negative, suspicious, verbally aggressive, less irritable.
integration of pedagogical approaches, a continuous pedagogical education, culture of creative self-realizations of the person.

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