Skibitskiy Eduard Grigorievitch
Доктор педагогических наук, Professor, Head of the Philosophy, Pedagogics and Psychology Department, Siberian Academy of Finances and Banking, Siberian Academy of Finances and Banking, skibit@yandex.ru, Novosibirsk
Perfilova Anna Viktorovna
Lecturer of the Foreign Languages Department, Siberian Transport University, sgups.english@yandex.ru, Novosibirsk


The necessity of discussion competence forming of technical university students is proved. Discussion competence definition is given on the semantic analysis basis. Scientific literature, concerning discussion and discussion competence is analyzed. Discussion competence structure and its structural components are described. Factors, influencing successful discussion competence forming for technical university students, are named. Criteria of discussion competence forming are determined on the basis of its structure. Purpose and tasks of discussion competence forming are defined. Use of interactive methods of instruction during discussion competence forming is proved. Classification of these methods is given.
discussion competence, discussion competence structure, criteria and factors of discussion competence forming, interactive methods of instruction, technical university.

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