373.2 - 053.4: 37.048.45 (045)
Antonova Marina Vladimirovna
Кандидат экономических наук, Rector, State Budget Institution of Additional Professional Education “Mordovian Republican Institute of Education”, mrio@edurm.ru, Saransk

System of principles of pedagogical support of professional self-determination Of junior schoolchildren

The relevance. The issues of propaedeutics of a career choice at the stage of primary education are not studied sufficiently and are not reflected in a broad educational practice. The purpose of the article is to characterize the age peculiarity of the process of pedagogical support of professional self-determination of young schoolchildren through the formation of the system of principles that determine purposes, subjects, contents, students’ activities, organizational and methodological conditions, the results of the process. The research part of the article presents the rationale for the principles of vertical integration, polysubjectivity, imagery, self-identification, problematization, social partnership, individualization, openness. The results of the study. The peculiarities of using in primary school such principles as of vertical integration, polysubjectivity, social partnership, individualization, openness are described. The principles of imagery, self-identification, and problematization are for the first time introduced into scientific context. They are specific for younger school age and characterize the content of pedagogical support of professional self-determination of young schoolchildren.
primary General education, junior school age, the support of professional self-determination.

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