Shelkovnikova Olga Andreevna
deputy director for teaching and educational work, School 90, assmuss@yandex.ru, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Region

Practice of development of information culture of the teacher of a secondary school

The concept of the information culture of the teacher as a necessary quality, manifested in professional pedagogical activity in the conditions of the modern information society, the requirements of the Federal state educational standards and the professional standard of the teacher is revealed in the article. The necessity to organize organizational and pedagogical conditions in the educational space of the school, allocated on the basis of the axiological, technological and personal-creative components of the information culture, is effectively justified for effectively raising the level of the information culture of the teacher of the general education school is justified.
information culture, components, development, organizational and pedagogical conditions, the teacher of a secondary school, results.

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Submitted 12.04.2017