Afanasyeva Raisa Albertovna
Кандидат педагогических наук, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the associate professor, managing department of the theory and the practician of special training and education, Irkutsk state university, kaf-pipsoiv@yandex.ru, Irkutsk
Karpushenko Viktorija Igorevna
methodist, the Regional State Institution of Additional Professional Education "Educational and Methodological Center for the Development of Social Services", vikarpushenko@yandex.ru, Irkutsk

The role of tutors in the implementation of the integrated personal support program with restricted health opportunities under the family conditions

the relevance of the stated topic is due not only to the increase in the number of families of raising children with HIA and the need to help parents take an adequate position in relation to their child, but also the lack of specialists who can help in this. Such families need qualified help, sometimes directly in a family environment, which should be provided by specially trained teachers who are well versed in the development of persons with disabilities and the methods of working with them. In the course of our research, we have developed scientifically sound approaches, both to the design of integrated programs for accompanying persons with HIA in the family environment, and to training programs for tutors for their implementation in appropriate conditions. We outlined the following principles for the design of a comprehensive program for accompanying persons with disabilities in the family, and the preparation of tutors for its implementation: the principle of the genetic development of the child; The principle of developing orientation of education and upbringing; The principle of the unity of diagnosis and correction of deviation in development; The principle of expanding social ties. Complex use of these principles in the design of individual development programs allows you to take into account all the vector components of the "quality of life"
family, limited health opportunities, family education functions, tutor, comprehensive family support program