Grinevetskaya Tatiana Nikolaevna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Cand. Sci. (Pedag.), Assist. Prof., Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Novosibirsk State Medical University, Professor of the Department of Military Pedagogy and Psychology, Novosibirsk Military Order of Zhukov Institute named after Army General I. K. Yakovlev of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, Tanita973@list.ru, Novosibirsk

Analysis of modern theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of problems of ethno-cultural education of teachers

The relevance of the topic of this article is justified by the presence of constant interest to the study of cultural heritage of different peoples, with the aim of adapting its educational potential to a particular cultural and historical conditions. A special focus of modern psychological-pedagogical studies the issue of ethno-cultural education development of the teacher. Under the ethno-cultural competence of teachers ' work is understood as the property of the person, expressed in the presence of the aggregate of objective representations and knowledge of one or another ethnic culture, realized through the skills and behaviours that contribute to effective inter-ethnic understanding and interaction. The study of the development of ethno-cultural education of teachers led to identify a number of methodological approaches: methodological, specialmemories, custommodules. In relation to the research topic in more detail in the article a set of systematically-integral, civilization, cross-cultural, culturological, axiological, acmeological, personality-activity, competence-based, diffuse and syncretic, ambivalent and regional futures methodological approaches.
multicultural education, ethno-cultural competence, multicultural education, cognitive component, motivational and valuable component, active component, cross-cultural research, diffuse-syncretistic approach, the ambivalent approach, the regional-futurist approach

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