Dmitriev Aleksey Andreevich
Доктор педагогических наук, Prof., of the Faculty of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Moscow State Regional University, aa.dmitriev@mgou.ru, Moscow
Markova Tatyana Vladimirovna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Cand. Sci. (Pedag.), Director, Special (correctional) School N 991, bosatina@rambler.ru, Moscow

Organizational and management aspects of outside activity of training with mental leave in the light of realization of gef

One of the key aspects of the implementation of the requirements of the Federal state educational standard of education of students with mental retardation is strengthening the role of extracurricular activities this category of children in the development of adapted basic education programs and their successful socialization. In the article features of the organization and build the content of extracurricular activities of mentally retarded children in the light of the implementation of the National Education Standards. The authors consider methodical aspects of construction of the plan extracurricular activity, on the example of School N 991 in Moscow. Identified educational and socio-personal competences formed in mentally retarded students in extracurricular activities. The universal model of the structure of competence, which includes mega-, macro - and micro - components. The authors give examples of different implementation models of special (correctional) school developed plan extracurricular activities, taking into account regional peculiarities of the educational organization.
extracurricular activities, Federal state educational standard of education of students with mental retardation (intellectual disabilities), special education, competence. Key words: after-hour activity, Federal state educational standard of education for students with mental retardation (intellectual disabilities), special pedagogy.

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