Kazakova Еlena Sergeyevna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Novokuznetsk Institute (branch) of Federal State Educational Establishment of the High Professional Education, Kemerovo State University, kazakova.elena2013@mail.ru, Novokuznetsk

Tale in inductive learning the grammar of the german language

The article discusses the tales in inductive learning the grammar of the German language whose value is not fully appreciated, which explains the lack of publications in the methodological recommendations on the use of it in educational process. Examines deductive and inductive methods explicit approach to grammar formation, list their advantages and disadvantages. Methodical recommendations on the use of the inductive method SOS, illustrate the three phases of "collect" – "put in order" – "systematize " on the example of two tales, developed and "told" us in the real conditions of learning such grammar topics as: "Direct and inverse word order in the German sentence" and "degrees of comparison of adjectives". In conclusion made conclusions about the effectiveness and methodological feasibility of using tales in inductive learning the grammar of the German language.
fairy tale, inductive method, SOS method, three phrases "collect" – "put in order" – "systematize".

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