Grigoryan Hovik Bagdasarovic
Кандидат технических наук, Cand. Sci. (Techn.), Federal agricultural research centre VIM, hovikgr@list.ru, Talin, Armenia

About problems of education and new method of training

The article reflects the problems of modern education and the scientific ways to solve them. During the historical review, the nature of these problems and the reasons for the unsuccessful reforms in education have been determined. Existing teaching methods are not based on the achievements of anthropology, the laws of the development of science, do not take into account the laws of learning in science and do not correspond to the purpose of education. Based on the nature of the nature of the purpose of education. The principles that connect education with science are defined. The psychological and physiological features of learning and patterns of memory formation are considered. The main principles of the quantum-individual method of teaching are provided, which provides for the separation of the trainee material into quanta and their individual training.
method of teaching, reforms, naturalness, science, the purpose of education, psychological and physiological characteristics, quantum.

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