Belyaev Gennnady Yurievich
Кандидат педагогических наук, Senior Researcher, Center for Strategy and Theory of Personality Upbringing of the Federal State Budget, Scientific Institute for Strategy of Education Development of the RAO, gennady.belyaev2011@yandex.ru, Moscow

The system approach in processes and situations of the formation of the upbringing potential of educational organization

This article discusses the issues of the contemporary content of educational organization as an organization which aim is upbringing. The author suggests developing the theoretical and methodological foundations of such activities in terms of the system approach within the framework of the detailed developments made by the Scientific School of L.I. Novikova "The System Approach to Upbringing and Socialization of Children and Youth". In particular, the method of educational situations’ analysis is proposed as a toolkit of the coherent, system and gradual organization of the educational process, the subject of education which supports complex ethical and behavioral values inherent in the traditional Russian culture and the best manifestations and events of social psychology. The author calls the factors and phenomena, which sees the source and a hint in identifying the educational potential of upbringing performed by the educational organization. The author gives a list of individual and collective qualities that combine to form the vital core of the timeless national character and mentality, and historically proven ability of the Russian society to respond flexibly and successfully overcome a wide variety of problems, including serious crises of its social development. A method of analyzing situations associated with the well-known position of the scientific school Novikova "upbringing is successful if it is done systematically". "The school of practical humanism"(Karakovsky, Grigoryev), applicable to the various age and domestic problems of socialization of children and young people, may, under certain conditions, reframe and upgrade the activities of the team of teachers, addressing their educational organization as an organization for upbringing, which can directly affect the status of the public welfare. The author believes that such an approach to the problem of upbringing is pragmatically consistent with the "spirit", meanings, substantive provisions and directions of the "Strategy for the Development of Social and Moral Education in the Russian Federation for the Period up to the year 2025".
educational organization, educational potential, system approach, educational process, educational situation of upbringing

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