Popova Oksana Sergeevna
Доктор психологических наук, Dr.of Psychology, Professor, Vice-rector for scientific and methodological support of educational work Republican Institute for Vocational Education, Educational institution "Republican institute for vocational education", popova1962621@mail.ru, Minsk

Scientific research as the condition of modernization of the system of education

The article describes the structure of the modern education system in the Republic of Belarus, gives a quantitative description of educational institutions and the contingent of students. The analysis of the main dissertation research on pedagogical specialties is presented. Directions of scientific research in the field of theory and methodology of professional education are proposed to ensure effective modernization of vocational education system.
national education system, pedagogical science, theory and methodology of vocational education, subject of labor, personal competence, professional development, mechanisms for the modernization of vocational education.

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