Shakurova Marina Viktorovna
Доктор педагогических наук, Dr. Sci. (Pedag.), Prof., Leading Analyst, Educational Content Development and Socialization Laboratory, Center of Upbringing and Personal Development, Russian Academy of Education,Prof. of the Department of Social Pedagogy, Voronezh state pedagogical university, shakurova@mail.ru, Voronezh

Culture of the educational organization as property of integration of its educational system: the review of publications of research school of l. I. Novikovoj

In article necessity and possibility of the analysis of culture of the educational organization as result of the integration processes initiated by designing, construction, development of educational system is proved. The culture of the educational organization, its updating can be considered as the new growth of educational system testifying to aspiration of system to integrity. Features of the approach of research school of L. I. Novikovoj to the analysis of the educational systems defining an originality of the characteristic of elements of culture of the educational organization are allocated. To that it is possible to carry attention to management of educational system as to the mechanism of cultural changes; the set idealization of installations and samples in a combination to the maximum approach to a pedagogical reality of the educational organization; influence of processes of self-organizing, formation of a generality, interaction of communities; the person as base value of culture of the educational organization in educational systems of humanistic type.
The educational organization, educational system, culture of the educational organization, integration processes, research school

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