Vorobyev Alexandr Egorovich
Доктор технических наук, Prof., Institute of Improvement of Professional Skill of Executives of the Fuel and Energy Complex The Ministry of Energy, fogel_al@mail.ru , Moscow
Murzaeva Ainagul Kadyrovna
Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Pedagogy and Natural Sciences, Batken State University, ainagul27.02.70@mail.ru, Kyzyl-Kiya, Kyrgyzstan


The condition of the Russian higher technical education is analysed. Communication of modern social development and tendencies of development of system of the higher vocational school is explained. The reasons of need of cardinal change of approaches, technologies and methods of training of students are shown. Approaches to an assessment of quality of the education provided to students are given. The main problem of the existing educational process is described. The answer to the effective directions of modernization of the Russian higher technical education that is possible at change of educational and methodical, process and technological and material aspects is submitted. Need for modern higher technical (engineering) education which has to be expected advancing is shown. Taking into account lag material and laboratory base of the Russian universities from the required level its development has to go on the way of creation of various Centers of collective use. Data on educational scientifically industrial complex of the Oryol state technological university are given as an example.
development, the higher technical education, directions

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