Gormakova Vera Vladimirovna
post-graduate student of the chair of pedagogical technologies of primary education and child development psychology Novokuznetsk Institute (branch) of Kemerovo State University, Novokuznetsk Institute (branch) of Kemerovo State University, ver.vladimirowna2011@yandex.ru, Novokuznetsk

On the Issue of the Differentiation of the Concepts «Metasubject skills» and «Universal Educational Activities»

The article deals with the issue of differentiation of concepts related to the study of the results of school education: “metasubject skills” and “universal educational actions”. The purpose of the article is the analysis of scientific opinions on the definition of metasubject skills and universal educational actions as the system – forming concepts of modern educational standards. The study was conducted on the basis of the analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature on the differentiation of metasubject skills and universal educational actions as the basic concepts underlying modern requirements for learning outcomes. The analysis revealed the presence of three points of view on essential characteristics of the studied concepts: meta-subject skills are identical to the universal educational actions (because Bandini, L. A. Kalinichenko, E. V. Koreneva, and others); interdisciplinary skills as an integral part of the interdisciplinary learning outcomes (A. G. Asmolov, G. V. Burmenskaya, Alexander Kondakov and others); interdisciplinary skills as a result of formation obshcheuchebnyh abilities (S. A. Kolomiets, R. I. Markov, E. A. Molchanova, I. V. Prokof’eva, S. N. Stark, M. A. Saldana, L. D. Shekhovtsova). The existence of three points of view on the differentiation of these concepts has necessitated the analysis of the essence of the concept of General educational skills. It was determined that under the General educational skills understand “the skills formed in the process of learning many subjects, becoming operations to perform actions used in many academic subjects and in everyday life”[1]. As a result, the authors determined that universal educational actions and General educational skills are not identical to metasubject skills. On the basis of the conducted research, the authors understand metasubject skills as the formation of General educational skills and metasubject concepts that serve as a prerequisite for the formation of universal educational actions aimed at achieving metasubject learning outcomes. The conclusion about differentiation of concepts “metasubject abilities” and “universal educational actions” is presented in the conclusion, the theoretical essence of metasubject abilities as a theoretical prerequisite of formation of universal educational actions is formulated.
metasubject skills, universal educational actions, General educational skills, pedagogy of primary general education

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