Shorohova Mariya Vasilievna
Кандидат психологических наук, Assoc.Prof. of the Department of speech therapy and childrens speech, Novosibirsk State Pedagogikal University, mariya-pleshakova@mail.ru, Novosibirsk
Agavelyan Oganes Karapetovich
Доктор психологических наук, Professor of the Department of Special Education and Psychology of the Institute of the childhood, Novosibirsk state pedagogical university, oganesagavelyan@yandex.ru, Novosibirsk

Experience the use of a graphical test in the study of personality and emotional impressively adolescents with different variants of disontogenesis

The study of socio-perceptual processes of adolescents with developmental disabilities remains one of the current and leading trends in the research of special psychology at the present stage. Understanding the peculiarities of attitudes towards the world around and ways of this relationship in adolescents with disrupted development makes it possible to determine the ways and methods of implementing humanistic approaches of special education in forming readiness for optimal social and interpersonal interaction. This article highlights the experience of using the graphic test "Stars and Waves" in studying the personality and the ability for emotional impressivity of adolescents with different variants of developmental dysontogenesis. The notion of emotional impressiveness is revealed. The basis for the use of the graphic test "Stars and Waves" in the study of the personality of adolescents with different variants of developmental dysontogenesis is given and the results of its application are analyzed. The general and specific patterns of the revealed links between the features of graphic expression, the projective content of the drawings and emotional impressiveness in the category of adolescents under consideration are described.
graphic test "Stars and Waves", projection, perception by voice, emotional hearing, emotional impressiveness, personality, adolescents, mental retardation, mental disorders. graphic test "Stars and Waves", projection, perception by voice, emotional hearing, emotional impressiveness, personality, adolescents, mental retardation, mental disorders.

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