374.1: 37.068
Buyakova Christina Igorevna
PhD student, National research Tomsk state university, buyakovachristina@mail.tsu.ru, Tomsk
Malkova Irina Yurjevna
Доктор педагогических наук, Dr. Sci. (Pedag.), Associate Prof., head of the Department of the Management of Education, Tomsk State University, malkovoi@yandex.ua, Tomsk


In the article the relevance of youth volunteering in Russia and in the world is provided. Volunteering is socially beneficial activity carried out free of charge on the basis of free choice in favor of third parties. Volunteer activities as a type of non-formal education and a resource for the development of key competencies of a volunteer was discussed. The aim of the study is to justify a relevance of the educational programs supporting students and their key competences developing, particular volunteering activities in non-profit organizations, was substantiated in the article. Pedagogical support technologies of the volunteers key competencies development in non-profit organizations comparative description in “European Solidarity Corps (ESC)” and the National Research Tomsk State University “Volunteer Practices” programs terms were given. The groups of key competencies in “European Solidarity Corps” and “Volunteer Practices” of TSU programs were considered. The study is based on the competence approach and papers that considers volunteering in the context of its educational potential. The conclusion the difficulties in organization of pedagogical support for students based on the “Volunteer Practices program of the TSU” results analysis were described. The practical significance of educational programs for the volunteering activities support of students in the local community non-profit organizations for the university were given.
youth volunteerism, youth, key competences, non-profit organization

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