Samokhvalova Anna Gennadievna
Доктор психологических наук, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Kostroma State University, a_samohvalova@ksu.edu.ru, Kostroma
Kudinov Vladimir Andreevich
Доктор исторических наук, Prof. of Pedagogy and Acmeology of the Person, Kostroma State University, vkudinov@mail.ru, Kostroma

Communicative Difficulties Russian and Ukrainian Adolescents

The problem and the goal. The article addresses the problem of difficult communication of adolescents living in different socio-cultural conditions. The goal is to identify cross-cultural differences in communication difficulties and ways to overcome them in adolescents living in peaceful conditions (Russia, Kostroma) and in a war zone (Ukraine, Lugansk). Methodology. The study was conducted on the basis of sociocultural and cross-cultural approaches, which allow identifying the determinants and specifics of the adolescent’s communicative difficulties, his subjective experiences and ways of coping with them in the sociocultural environment in which the socialization of the subject takes place. The cross-cultural, age and sex differences of the communicative difficulties of adolescents in situations of communication with adults and peers, as well as differences in the ways of overcoming the communicative difficulties that have arisen are described and described. It is concluded that the communicative difficulties of adolescence play an ambivalent role: in the case of their awareness and constructive overcoming, positive shifts occur in the development process of the subject of communication; and, on the contrary, the adolescent’s inability to recognize, understand, and timely overcome their communication difficulties hinders the ontogeny of communication. In conclusion, the authors conclude that it is necessary to consolidate the efforts of specialists in the field of psychology and pedagogy in order to provide individual-oriented, targeted assistance to adolescents living in a situation of chronic stress of war, in understanding and overcoming their actual communicative difficulties, mobilizing mental and social resources for development of communicative competence.
adolescent, communication, communication difficulties, methods of overcoming, resources, socio-cultural environment

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