Dyatlova Julia Olegovna
post-graduate student, english teacher, NSTU, juli,safonova@yandex.ru, Novosibirsk


In the article the author considers the structure of the educational process in the UK and Russia. Optimization of work in the information and educational environment of the University is one of the most important ways to develop the self-study skills in the modernization of modern education and shift the emphasis on student-oriented learning. Methodology. The article analyzes the literature on the problems of organization of independent work of students. The author studies the concept of “life Learning” (education through life) in the educational system of Great Britain. The article highlights some aspects of the system of continuing education. The article shows that the system of continuous education requires global transformations affecting the organizational-management and controlling function of the teacher in self-education of students. Special attention at the present stage of education is paid to the tutor system, in which the teacher becomes a facilitator and mentor. The author describes the priority trends of the organization of independent work of students and also the main didactic conditions of improvement of independent work of students in Russia and in Great Britain. This article deals with the concept and structure of information educational environment of the University, its role in the organization of independent work of students. The main content of the research is the analysis of the capabilities of information educational environment developed in UK universities with the purpose of organizing independent work of students in Russian universities. The article focuses on the issue of information educational environment that can help teachers to provide independent work of students. The research attention aims pluses and minuses of different information educational environments. Nowadays there are a lot of information educational environments, but not all of them students and teachers can use for free. For example Blackboard is a closed information educational environment except for students and teachers of university where this information environment is installed. We examined several information educational environments that can be used by different universities and teachers in educational process from all over the world. Our research focuses on the comparison of the technical characteristics of Blackboard Learn, Schoology and TalentLMS.
information educational environment, information and communication technology, independent work of students, professional education, Blackboard

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