Lavrentyeva Zoya Ivanovna
Доктор педагогических наук, Professor of the Department of pedagogy and psychology, Institute of history, Humanities and social education, Novosibirsk state pedagogical University, lzi53@mail.ru, Novosibirsk


The author of the article, solving the problem of substantiation of the theoretical foundations and practice of the organization of scientific researches of social problems of modern childhood through the complex topics of master’s theses, formulating the following requirements for the organization of the study: the presence of scientific schools; development of methodologies able to cover a wide range of problems; pasinaudoti; recognition of General theoretical concepts; intellectualization of experimental work. The analysis of the practice of complex research of undergraduates in the context of the scientific school of studying the problems of orphan hood led to the conclusion that currently there are significant changes in the characteristics of socio-pedagogical problems of orphans and children left without parental care. In connection with the transition from education of children in orphanages to education in families, there is a tendency to reduce behavioral problems and problems of socialization, but there is an increase in the problems of personal social plan (family identity; relationships with blood families; hierarchy of value orientations associated with family relations, planning their own future). This trend is also evident in children returned from substitute families.
orphans, socio-pedagogical problems of childhood, scientific research, comprehensive scientific programs, master’s degree

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