Volegzhanina Irina Sergeevna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Assoc. Prof. of the Foreign Languages Department, Siberian Transport University, erarcher @mail.ru, Novosibirsk

The model of an engineer’s professional competency becoming and development in the industry research and educational complex (by an example of transport universities)

A possible way for the becoming and development of an engineer’s professional competency within the digitalization of industry and education is introduced in the article. Modelling as an important stage of a research aimed at the pedagogical phenomenon virtual copy development is considered. Such a virtual copy is an ideal goal for educational practice that shows the directions to reach this goal within the integrative professional and educational environment of an industry research and educational complex. The industry research and educational complex consists of an industry-related technical university, a research laboratory, an employer’s production unit. The purpose of study is to substantiate and create a spiral model revealing a future engineer’s move between the rotating knowledge life-cycles of the industry research and educational complex participants. Such a move is provided by pedagogical strategies corresponded to the present state of this competency which are undertaken within the comprehensive multidisciplinary project work being successive from the first to the final year of university education. These pedagogical strategies are specified by special-purpose pedagogical support: tactics, organizational and pedagogical conditions, pedagogical tools. Practical implications from the study are in offering the software and methods solutions to implement the spiral model into transport universities. Their development was granted by the Training and Methodology Center for Railway Transport, Moscow (Gov. contract №30/16 (165-16) dated May 30, 2016).
professional competency of an engineer, research and educational complex, spiral model, life cycle, pedagogical strategies, industry, transport university

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