Tomilina Svetlana Nikolaevna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Prof. of the Department of Life Safety, State Maritime University named after Admiral F. F. Ushakov, cvetochek3200@mail.ru, Novorossiysk


The article actualizes the importance and increasing need to strengthen the state aspect in Patriotic education conducted with students of higher professional school. The author focuses on the fact that in modern conditions, more and more scientists and practitioners are of the opinion that it is necessary to strengthen educational and Patriotic activities with students, who after completing their studies in higher education institutions will work in state bodies and structures, forming them as competent professionals and true patriots-statesmen, able to actually strengthen the Russian state, promote its economic prosperity, strengthen defense, caring for the growth of the welfare of the Russian people, its consolidation and persistent movement forward on the path of democratic transformation. The purpose of the article is to analyze the approaches of domestic and foreign scientists to the theory and practice of construction of pedagogical technology and on this basis the development of the author’s technology of state-Patriotic education of students. The paper briefly analyzes the state of development of the topic in the domestic pedagogical science, examines the essence of the term “pedagogical technology”, its characteristics and features. The specificity of existing technologies of Patriotic education of youth is shown. The author based on the works of domestic scientists reveals the main provisions and content of pedagogical technology of state-Patriotic education of modern students. The structure of pedagogical technology, which includes three key components: conceptual basis, substantive and procedural; structural scheme of pedagogical technology of state-Patriotic education of modern students; stages of implementation of pedagogical technology of state-Patriotic education of modern students (input, study modules of the target program, monitoring the process of state-Patriotic education, final diagnosis). It is concluded that the proposed pedagogical technology of state-Patriotic education of students will interest teachers and students, will give a new positive impetus to the preparation of competent and Patriotic personnel for government agencies and structures that will work in good faith and effectively for the benefit of the Fatherland and the Russian people.
education, patriotism, state-Patriotic education, pedagogical technology, structural scheme of pedagogical technology, young students, stages

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