Pogozhikh Sergey Anatolevich
Кандидат физико-математических наук, Cand. Sci. (Physico-mathem.), Prof., Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Department of General and Theoretical Physics, spog@yandex.ru, Novosibirsk

Digitalization of Educational Physical Experiment on the Example Of Magnetic Field Study

IProblem and Aim. The article deals with the problem of digitization of modern educational physical experiment. The general approach is concretized by the use of digital measuring systems for measuring the characteristics of the magnetic field of different sources. The lack of modern physics courses of various levels is indicated-a poorly formed idea of the quantitative characteristic of the magnetic field – induction. The aim of the article is to generalize the experience of digitization of educational physical experiment on magnetic field measurement. Methodology. On the example of using a digital measuring complex Casio with a magnetic field sensor demonstrates a way to solve this problem. The complex itself, its advantages and disadvantages, possible place in the educational process and ways of use are considered. The features of the magnetic field sensor are described, the ways of its use are indicated. Examples of using the sensor in a training physical experiment are given. Classical configurations of conductors with current, the magnetic field of which can be investigated – a flat coil, a long solenoid, permanent magnets. The conclusions following from the results of measurements confirming the theory and indicating the conditions of application of theoretical conclusions are considered. In addition, the equipment can be used for lecture demonstrations and individual research activities of students. In conclusion, it is concluded that the Casio complex with a magnetic field sensor is suitable for performing a variety of educational tasks at different levels, for performing individual research activities and for lecture demonstrations of the magnetic field in various conductor systems.
educational physical experiment, physical education, digital measuring complex, Casio, measurement of magnetic field induction, the magnetic field sensor

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