Kudryavtseva Elena Yuryevna
Кандидат педагогических наук, Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor, Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Gorno-Altaisk state University», ekudris@mail.ru, Gorno-Altaisk
Kergilova Natalia Viktorovna
Кандидат педагогических наук, associate Professor of the Department of pedagogy, psychology and social work, Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education "Gorno-Altaisk state University", kergilova@mail.ru, Gorno-Altaysk
Sazonova Olga Konstantinovna
Кандидат педагогических наук, associate Professor of the Department of pedagogy, psychology and social work, Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education "Gorno-Altaisk state University", sazonova_03@mail.ru, Gorno-Altaysk

Volunteerism as a Resource and Mechanism for Increasing the Social Activity of Young People in Modern Society

The authors study the problem of volunteerism in modern society. The paper provides a theoretical analysis of scientific and methodological works on the phenomenon of volunteerism, identifies and describes the most important approaches, reveals the factors and conditions that contribute to the effective process of organizing volunteer activities in modern society. The article summarizes the features of organizing volunteer activities in the territory of the Altai Republic. The purpose of the article is to determine the resources, mechanisms and prospects for the development of volunteer activities in the Altai Republic. The authors ‘ research methodology is based on the theoretical analysis of scientific papers devoted to the problem under consideration. The methods of theoretical research are used: comparison, generalization and system analysis. The research is based on the following theoretical and methodological approaches: socio-cultural, system and activity. Research results: the mechanisms of increasing social activity of young people are identified, and the experience of organizing volunteer activities in the Altai Republic is presented. Conclusion. The study made it possible to update, compare, generalize, systematize and highlight important provisions concerning the phenomenon of volunteerism.
volunteerism, voluntary activity, student volunteerism, voluntary movement, social activity, youth, society

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