Aksenova Tatiana Gennadievna
Post-graduate student of the Institute of Education Development Strategy, Russian Academy of Education, tgbon@yandex.ru, Moscow

Theoretical Foundations of Methodological Support for Network Learning in Secondary Vocational Education

Introduction. Representatives of the scientific school S. Ya. Batyshev – A. M. Novikov introduced the concept of a network approach that underlies network learning. Purpose of the article is to consider the network learning subjects typology in secondary vocational education; to determine the research concept; to get new knowledge about the distinctive characteristics and methodological support types for network learning; to designate the secondary vocational education new staff duties. Methodology and Research Methods. The methodological support novelty is associated with the transition from traditional methodological associations of teachers and methodists of secondary vocational education to the methodological support of the quality of the network educational process with many subjects participation. Research methods: theoretical (problem statement, conceptual apparatus concretization, formalization of the polysubject interaction of participants in the network educational process); empirical (study of the scientific literature on the research subject). Research results. The typology of the participants in the polysubject network interaction is considered. The concepts of “network methodist” and “methodological support of network learning” are defined. The methodological support types that need to be developed and implemented are indicated. New staff duties for the development of various types of methodological support to ensure network learning have been determined. Conclusion. The development and implementation of methodological support for network learning will reduce the time and improve the quality of training for secondary vocational education specialists for the development of the digital (network) economy.
network approach, network learning, methodological support for network learning, network methodologist, secondary vocational education

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