Petrishchev Vladimir Innokentievich
Доктор педагогических наук, Dr. Sci. (Pedag.), Prof. of Department No. 7 Language training, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation named after Chief marshal of aviation A. A. Novikov, vpetrishchev2019@mail.ru, St. Petersburg, Russia
Grass Tatiana Petrovna
Доктор педагогических наук, Dr. Sci. (Pedag.), Assoc. Prof. of Department № 17 «Economics», St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation, tpgrass@mail.ru, St. Petersburg
Krasheninnikova Anastasia
Senior lecturer at the chair of Philology, Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev, atansy2@mail.ru, Krasnoyarsk

Vocational Education in Ensuring Successful Economic Socialization of High School Students in U. S. Secondary Schools

The article examines the importance of studying the role of vocational education in solving the problem of economic socialization of high school students and its possible adaptation in domestic pedagogical practice. The article provides a comparative analysis of the content of the work of secondary schools in the United States in order to identify the role of vocational education in ensuring the process of successful economic socialization of high school students. The authors reveal the most effective methods, tools and strategies implemented in the studied US schools to ensure the successful economic socialization of high school students. The research was carried out on the basis of: analysis of scientific and methodological literature on the problem of economic socialization of high school students; content analysis of regulatory and software documentation; comparative analysis of initiatives and innovative projects implemented in the studied US schools.
vocational education, economic socialization, high school students, innovation, pedagogical support, socio-economic training

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