Bokova Ol’ga Aleksandrovna
Кандидат психологических наук, Cand. Sci. (Psychol.), Assoc. Prof., Assoc. Prof., Department of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Altai State Pedagogical University, olgbokova7@mail.ru, Barnaul
Mel’nikova Yuliya Anatol’evna
Кандидат психологических наук, Cand. Sci. (Psychol.), Assoc. Prof., Assoc. Prof., Department of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Altai State Pedagogical University, jamelnikova@list.ru, Barnaul

Modern Directions of Implementation of Volunteer Practices and Existing Volunteer Training Systems in the Regions of the Russian Federation

The article analyzes the specifics of the implementation of volunteer practices in the regions of Russia based on the material of available Internet sources. The authors believe that conducting a psychological and pedagogical study of programs for the implementation of volunteer (volunteer) activities will make it possible to predict the formation of a social institution of volunteering (volunteering) and develop scientifically based recommendations for the application and dissemination of effective practices of volunteering. The purpose of the article is, on the basis of theoretical analysis, to identify and substantiate the current directions for the implementation of volunteer practices and the features of training volunteers on the example of the Tomsk, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk regions and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Methodology. The research was carried out on the basis of structuring the understanding of volunteer activities in the regions of the Russian Federation through the prism of axiological, system-activity, culturological and project methodological approaches. It is shown that volunteer practices and the work of volunteers themselves are structured on the basis of a combination of these approaches and traditionally fit into extra-curricular activities to a large extent. In conclusion, it is concluded that the implementation of volunteer practices is carried out through a combination of various approaches, therefore it should be considered as a multimodal educational and educational practice. The training of volunteers is structured through a combination of forms of individual, group, collective work, but it is not systemic, which requires the additional development of a set of standardized and validated tools to assess the effectiveness of the results of the implementation of volunteer programs.
volunteer practices, training of volunteers, axiological, system-activity, cultural and project methodological approaches

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