Dzhurinskiy Alexander Naumovich
Доктор педагогических наук, Prof. of the Department of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University, djurins@yandex.ru, Moscow

Pedagogical Ideas and Practices of the Jesuits of The Late Middle Ages (XV–XVII Centuries)

The article examines the pedagogical activity of the Jesuits at the first stage of the development of the Order of St. Loyola. The Jesuit Order intended to monopolize the education and training of the young generations of the ruling strata. The Jesuits were looking for a “third way” between the formulas of Roman Catholic pedagogy and secular approaches to education and training. The congregation of Jesuits used the ideological pedagogical potential of the Renaissance and the Reformation, interpreting it from a conservative standpoint. The article examines the activities of Jesuit colleges: management, programs, methods of teaching and upbringing. A number of European thinkers of the XVI-XVII centuries. positively assessed the pedagogical activity of the Order of St. Loyola. Criticism of Jesuit pedagogy grew. A number of researchers find a lot of positive things in this pedagogy.
Jesuit pedagogy, Jesuit colleges, critics and advocates of Jesuit pedagogy

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