Panasyuk Vasily Petrovich
Доктор педагогических наук, Head of the Center for Monitoring, Analytics and Databases, St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, panasykvpqm@mail.ru, Saint Petersburg
Achkasova Oksana Gennadievna
Deputy Head for Digitalization of Education Department for the Development of Additional Education, Kemerovo State University, a17g12@rambler.ru, Kemerovo

Universal Digital Competencies of the Student as a New Concept Of Professional Pedagogy

The article is devoted to the definition of a new concept in professional pedagogy – “end-to-end digital competencies”, as well as the possibility of their formation in higher school in the process of mastering additional professional educational programs by students. The authors state the principle of their formation through e-learning, taking into account the principles of individualization of training. The purpose of the article is to give a theoretical justification and definition of the concept of “end-to-end digital technologies” as a new concept in professional pedagogy and an urgent task of higher education. Methodology. The article presents an analysis of the scientific literature on the issue of cross-cutting competencies, including digital ones, on the basis of which the authors define the concept of “cross-cutting digital competencies” as a new concept in professional pedagogy and one of the urgent tasks of higher education. In the conclusion of the article, the authors conclude that it is advisable to carry out the formation of digital competencies among higher school students according to a cross-cutting, penetrating principle, in the process of parallel development of the main educational programs of higher education and additional professional programs (advanced training, professional retraining).
End-to-end digital competencies, digitalization of higher education, additional professional education, e-learning, distance learning technologies, individualization of student learning.